Soloman "Maz" Maze

A large and loud independent scout




Maze is a large man, 195cm in height he is incredibly solidly built weighing 244lb. He is heavily muscled, his hair is dark and he wears it short with a beard. His eyes are dark brown. He is possessed of a booming voice that matches his stature.


Maze is a strong willed and independent person. He believes in doing what is morally right and not necessarily what is legally right. He is very curious constantly in pursuit of new or novel experiences. In his spare time he loves to eat, drink and fight. He believes in enjoying the time he has. When he is working he has the reputation of being a bit of a maverick but a good person to work with. He has a distinct dislike for slavers.


Solomon Maze was born 32 years ago on Idrias VII, a small mining colony in the Idri system way out on the Rim. He was born into a large family all though he has never confirmed exactly how many siblings he had, although a new story will crop up revealing a previously unnamed brother or sister or cousin every now and then. His mother and father were contracted to work for Calias Mining Ltd. His father was a Structural Engineer and his mother an Environmental Tech.

When Maze was 17 the colony was attacked and destroyed by Thalassian Slavers, who killed his family and captured him. He was sold to a Nikto crime boss called Arbito’Rae. He trained him as a prize fighter. After 6 years Maze managed to work his way to freedom, he even managed to have enough money to buy himself a small vessel.

He began his life as an Independent Scout. 3 years later he heard that Arbito’Rae and his organisation had been destroyed by rivals and he was a little saddened by this. He spent the next 6 years travelling throughout the outer rims and unknown space. At times months would pass between him spending any time in civilization.

3 months ago his ship suffered a catastrophic hyperdrive failure. After 2 weeks of drifting on minimal life support he was rescued by passing traders who have deposited him at a place called Zirtran’s Anchor.

Soloman "Maz" Maze

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